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If you have anything to add please feel free to email us at cv@ten-percent.co.uk. We publish both positive and negative feedback in full.

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Legal Recruitment

15.05.2023 Feedback for Emma Ireland, Specialist Locum Recruitment Consultant, Interim Lawyers & Ten Percent Legal

I was a bit apprehensive at first when you initially emailed me as I thought this would be another generic email and I have unfortunately previously had some poor experiences with recruiters. That is not to say that all recruiters out there are the same but I can honestly say WITHOUT A DOUBT you have been the most pleasant recruiter I have dealt with; very efficient and found me the ideal role very quickly. This is testament to your capabilities and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. I am most certainly going to refer people over to you. If you could perhaps send me a list of areas covered I can refer more relevant and appropriate people to you. Thank you so much once again for your efforts Emma.

21.11.2022 Feedback on Legal Recruitment News, our monthly updated newsletter for law firms and lawyers

I’ve always enjoyed your [newsletters] – I find them one of the most insightful views on the domestic legal market.

10.09.2020 Feedback for Peter Gresty, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Ten-Percent Legal

Could not be in better hands.  Our experience of other recruitment companies has not been good and we can rely on you and your judgement.  I know we are a small client but we are regulars. (Senior Partner of Solicitors’ Firm, Hampshire UK)

20.07.2020 Feedback from a Candidate

Dear Clare

I would like to begin to say a very big thank you to you. In a short period you found a position to which you put me forward for. The interview went well and as you know I was given the job.

I cannot begin to thank you especially in such uncertain times that we have all had to endure but to lose your job as you can imagine can also knock your confidence.

There are simply not enough thank you’ s for what you have done . Your level of professionalism and how matters progressed so quickly was astounding.

Wishing you and all at Ten Percent all the best and please keep up the wonderful work as we need  you !!

Kindest regards


05.07.2020 Feedback from a Solicitors’ Firm

I have recommended you to [    ].  I said you were the agent to approach.  I hope that was the correct procedure. Somebody has to say how valued you are by small firms.

23.03.2020 Feedback from a Website User and Candidate

We have not met or communicated but just a small note. As someone who came across your website this morning I felt it necessary to just send a word of enormous congratulations on the brutally honest but brilliant articles you have posted on your website.  This has to be the best source of information available to solicitor job seekers like myself and I will be advising anyone in a similar position to trawl through them as I have done so over the course of the day.  For its positives and no holds barred expose of the negatives, your site should become mandatory reading for potential legal students and I can only wish I had come across it before entering the legal profession.

14.01.2020 Candidate placed with a London Solicitors’ Firm

Dear Clare, thank you so much for all your assistance and support in helping me secure my dream job at [firm of solicitors]! You are fabulous! Best wishes, A.

26.07.2018 Partner of East Midlands Solicitors’ Firm

[For locums] we use Jonathan Fagan at Interim Lawyers. He’s a nice, helpful guy and his fees aren’t too bad (for an agent!)

23.11.2017 Solicitor using Ten Percent Legal Website
Dear Clare,
I hope you’re well. Just a quick message to say thank you for your efforts recently in helping my to secure employment. Last Thursday I was offered a great role within a fantastic firm as a result of a direct application to them. I appreciate that this won’t mean much for TP Legal Recruitment as a business, but your personal energy, communication and effort was incredibly encouraging and motivating when it came to continuing the search when my morale and self-efficacy was at it’s lowest, and when most other recruiters simply ignored my communications. I will not hesitate to pass on your details to any of my friends from legal backgrounds who need a worthy recruiter. I wish your business every success for the future.

05.07.2017 Locum Solicitor using Interim Lawyers Website
Can I say that I have enjoyed working with you and with Ten Per cent over the last couple of years, your no nonsense, keep it simple approach is such a refreshing change from other agencies I have used.

21.04.2017 Candidate using our Recruitment Services
I would just like to grab your attention and hope that you read this with pleasure. I must say one of your lovely colleagues Clare Fagan is definitely a delightful treasure to have on your team, and to work for you. She is a very caring, hardworking and efficient individual. I have had the time and pleasure to speak with Clare, with her helping me find a role that best suits my previous experience, to which can be taken on board and looked at being progressed within another sector to help me excel in my career at a young age. She has very rightly put in her time and effort in helping me do such thing, her efforts are very much appreciated. I could go on forever talking about how Clare has really stood out from many day to day recruiters, but I hope that this email and my honest words really do show what a great person you have on your team and is credited for it. I’m sure not just myself, but yourself and others know what it is like to have some reassurance now and then and to know how well you really are doing at times, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Clare is currently in the process of trying to match me with an interview for a great solicitors to get my foot in the door, and get me started in the legal area. I cannot thank Clare, but you and your team and the way you work together enough for this opportunity. Clare as an individual, and your company will be highly recommended to people, by myself when people are to job hunt.
Thank you again. I wish you and your team well.

22.09.2015 Candidate placed with a Solicitors Firm by Clare Fagan – Permanent Recruitment
Dear Clare,
Thank you. And thank you for everything, you are the reason it all happened! You change people’s lives! I hope you know that. I hope it all goes well too. And of course I will surely contact you if I need your help in the future. Thank you once again.

23.01.2015 Candidate reading our Legal Recruitment Newsletter (sent out 6+ times a year)
Dear Mr Fagan, Thank you for this very good and succinct update on legal recruitment. As a solicitor presently looking to find a new role I found the Legal Job Market Report very informative.

04.11.2013 Candidate – placed with a Member firm after registering with us
Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Consultants is a niche, specialist legal recruitment agency, which unlike many other agencies, offers an honest and sensible advice to legal recruits.  This is one of the few agencies that really lives up to its promise. The staff are genuinely experienced and, as I learnt in my interview organised by them, highly valued by legal employers.  They proved to be very approachable and helped me get my legal career started.  I would recommend them wholeheartedly. Dominik.

07.08.13 Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment – Candidate – London
I would like to say, before I close off this response, that I do really appreciate your quick and thorough response to my inquiry. It has set you apart from many of the recruiters I have been dealing with over the last few months. I hope that you and I are able to do business together as you seem to have a level of empathy towards the candidate that is missing far too often in the profession.

27.06.13 Ten-Percent Member Law Firm – London
Many grateful thanks. By the way- still with us are X, Y and Z (3 senior property and private client locums) all three excellent and long term- many thanks.

17.05.13 Recruitment Service user.
Dear Mr Fagan, thank you for your assistance in providing me opportunities for allocating my duty slots.  I was impressed with your service and appreciate your efforts and speed when dealing with my matter.

15.05.13 Candidate finding a Job through Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment
Thank you for sorting this out for me. In the end I was contacted by 3 firms and I struck a deal with M in south London. A job well done! Many thanks.

16.07.12 Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Candidate
Thank you for being proactive and informing me. Best service from an agent so far. And you can quote me!

16.07.12 Cardiff and Swansea Solicitors – Ten-Percent Members
Hi Jonathan,  we have now recruited [through Ten-Percent] for the two conveyancing positions. Could you let the other candidates know that the positions have been filled. Many Thanks for all your help on this.

27.04.12 Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Senior Partner of London and Kent Solicitors
Ten-Percent’s new scheme is a “must have” for an expanding firm, introducing a steady stream of high quality applicants at a  fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment processes  and as importantly, the cost is spread…. so frankly, it becomes a “no brainer” to use it.

05.03.12 Lawyer – found a job through Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment
Dear Jonathan, as you are aware I was offered the (conveyancing) position at (member firm) which I have accepted. I would like to thank you for your help and assistance in getting me this position.

22.02.12 Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Client Firm, South Coast
Hi Jonathan, We have now filled the conveyancing [post].  We have offered [the Ten-Percent candidate] the conveyancing post who was one of the ones you sent through, so thank you!

09.02.12 Solicitor – found a job through Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment
Dear Jonathan,  I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help with finding me new employment. I am pleased to say I started in January and am enjoying myself. Many Thanks for all your help and advice.

13.12.11 Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Law Firm Member
Thank you for all your excellent assistance to us during the past few hectic days. We have appointed our Family Supervisor and we have obtained her details from you. Have a lovely evening and thank you once again for all your excellent and reliable service.
Kindest regards
Gemma Garen
Quality & Management Consultant, Cleveland & Co Solicitors

22.08.11 Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment Member – Pamela Fagg, Neves Scott Solicitors, Dartford, Kent
I would like to thank you for your prompt response to my request for legal staff. We have been actively seeking a family solicitor and a housing solicitor for the last few months, and within days of our telephone conversation we have managed to secure contracts with two solicitors from your list of candidates. I will most definitely recommend your services in future.


CV Writing and Careers Services – Feedback

7th September 2021 Career Coaching and CV Review

I have been given a start at X in [firm of solicitors] and start tomorrow, thought you would like to know. I thank you for all your help with my CV as it was this that opened the door. Many thanks, S

21st April 2021 CV Review

Dear Mr Jonathan Fagan, I would like to thank you for your CV review [ ]. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate your time and effort. I will make the appropriate amendments and I am encouraged that you found my CV in line with my career aspirations. Your feedback provided me with validation and thank you for your time and effort. B

22nd March 2021 CV Review

Hi Jonathan, thank you very much – this has been very helpful and I appreciate your feedback. All the best, M.

11th January 2021 CV Review

Hello Jonathan, thank you for the insight which other companies have tended not to provide. It is much appreciated. I will make those changes first thing tomorrow! Thank you, B.

11th September 2020 CV Review

I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for the link, but also for the extensive, precise and very helpful advice on my CV.  I appreciate the depth of detail you went into on every aspect of my CV. N

23rd March 2020 CV Review Service User

Dear Jonathan, Thank you so much for looking over my revised CV and giving me your feedback as well as the suggested wording for the profile. Thank you so much for your help and support. It has been invaluable. The CV now looks and reads much better. I wish you all the best. Kindest regards, Z

14th January 2020 CV Review Service User

Thank you so much Jonathan.  It is much appreciated.  I will review this and incorporate the amendments accordingly.  Kind Regards, SN

19th March 2018 Unllais (Flintshire Mental Health Charity) – Clare Fagan, Director of TP Legal provided CV Writing Workshops to their users
Hello Clare – Just wanted to formally thank you for your continued support with the learning for recovery and wellbeing programme in Flintshire. The course was absolutely fantastic and was just right for the target audience. Thanks for your time and enthusiasm, it is much appreciated. Thanks again, very much appreciated by me and by those who attended, as you will see in the attached [feedback forms]! Hannah, Improvement and Partnerships Development Officer/Swyddog Gwella a Datblygu Partneriaethau.

13.02.14 Careers Shop and Career Coaching – Solicitor – now Candidate
Dear Mr Fagan – you may not remember me I am from Leicester. I was unemployed, having achieved a 2:2 and at a very low point when the job centre put us in contact. I had a telephone consultation with you and you really gave me the advice I needed to move forward. You also sent me some packs which I studied and used! I am qualifying in July 2014 and I am seeking a NQ role…

16.09.13 CV Preparation (non-qualified lawyer) Service
Hello Jonathan. Thank you very much. I wanted to start by saying thank you for all your hard work. It was as a result of your hard work that I managed to secure work experience at a respected law firm in London and as a result I kindly ask that you update my CV to reflect this. I spent six months at the firm on a full time basis. I can not thank you enough. I am very pleased.

24.07.13 Training Contract Pack customer (Application Form Review)
Hi Jonathan, thank you for taking the time to look through my application and providing feedback. The feedback was incredibly helpful! Regards

18.04.13 Ten-Percent Legal CV Writing Service
I have had a look at the CV and very much value the changes and suggestions you’ve made. I wouldn’t have thought of making such amendments myself and it’s surprising that I haven’t had such suggestions before from my University careers advisers.
04.04.13 Careers Support by Email Client
Hi Jonathan, just to let you know that I now have a Training Contract with (a Silver Circle firm) after doing a Vacation Scheme with them (you had previously helped me with my application). I wanted to thank you once again for your help. I will happily recommend your services to any of my colleagues who are also struggling to get a training contract.

28.03.13 Ten-Percent Legal CV Writing Service
Dear Mr Fagan, I wish to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into creating my CV. I’m very happy with it. I will be in touch if I need to alter anything. Thank you again for your speedy reply. I couldn’t recommend you enough.

16.11.12 Ten-Percent Legal CV Writing Service
Dear Jonathan, Thank you very much for the work you have done. A really good CV. Much appreciated.
10.10.12 CV Preparation Client – Ten-Percent Careers Shop
I am contacting you further to our previous, although now rather dated, correspondence. Many thanks for your help with my CV and covering letter which I like to think played a huge role in obtaining me my current employment. I am however now in a position where I am looking to move on, and that is the reason for this e-mail….
10.10.12 CV Preparation Client – Ten-Percent Careers Shop
Thank you for all your help with the CV….many thanks for all your help so far. It has been extremely useful.
27.04.12 CV Preparation Service Client – Ten-Percent Legal Careers Shop
Just a quick note – you recently drafted a new CV for me. I just wanted to sincerely thank you as I was successful in attaining work this week. I have got a role as a banking litigation paralegal at [a London law firm]. It is so much better than my prospects have been looking to date and I am thrilled to have this as my first actual role in the UK. So I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my CV – it has made a huge difference and evidently been successful in it’s purpose. I look forward to updating it from here on in! (Australian lawyer getting first break in the UK).

29.03.12 CV Review Service Client – Ten-Percent Legal Careers Shop
Hi Jonathan – thank you very much for your review of my CV. I am very pleased with the final product. I am currently receiving a lot of interest in my CV. Thanks again.

20.03.12 CV Preparation Service Client – Ten-Percent Legal Careers Shop
Brilliant, many thanks for that,I am thrilled with my new CV, and the cover letter is great too – good template to adjust for different roles! Thank you for the extra advice as I was not aware of that.

19.02.12 CV Review Customer – Ten-Percent Legal Careers
Dear Mr Fagan, Many thanks for your prompt reply! I have reccommended you to some of my University and work colleagues. They will be in touch soon. Excellent service.

07.02.12 Legal Careers Shop Customer
Thanks for your prompt reply.  I managed to open the zip document after you attached it to your previous e-mail. I am impressed by your customer-care and will surely buy other products from Ten-Percent. I like your transparency and professionalism. Many thanks.

21.11.11 Salary Review Service
Thank you very much for the helpful information (salary review requested by senior partner of medium sized South East London firm of solicitors for employee annual salary review).

08.11.11 Covering Email Review and Training Contract Review Service User
Jonathan has provided excellent advice regarding both my training contract application and a detailed critique of my cover letters. Not only did he improve my CV with his suggestions, cutting out the waffle and improving the layout, he also remodelled my cover letter whilst fully explaining all the changes he made. Jonathan was always approachable after he had reviewed the originals, and was happy to comment upon changes I had made (following his advice) without any further charges.

The service provided was quick, extremely useful and personable – although not part of the service he offered, he was happy to help me get in touch with his clients who could provide information on the working environment of a firm I applied to – at no cost! This was invaluable, as there was very little information regarding the firm on the internet.
I would definitely recommend Ten Percent Legal Recruitment to anyone looking for work in the legal profession, regardless of their level of experience. Jonathan stands out from other firms I have used as having been a lawyer himself, he really understands the legal market and what law firms are specifically looking for. Thanks to his advice, I have been invited for interviews, where I was struggling beforehand.

08.11.11 Careers & Job Application Help by Email
I just wanted to thank you for your help with my CV. I have tried various different CV services, from the UK as well as from Hong Kong, but was not satisfied with the advice I was given.  The advice was not directed towards a legal career and the CV was screaming out to be professionally edited.  After your advice I succeeded with what for years had seemed impossible to me; I managed to change the appearance of my CV and cut it down from 3 pages to 2 pages without losing any essential information.  My CV is now easy to skim through, well organized and it looks professional. More important – it looks personal! I am very happy with the service you have provided thus far and I am looking forward to receiving your assistance with my applications throughout my law degree. I will recommend you to any one who is struggling with their CV and applications.

07.11.11 Standard CV Review Service
Thank you for having a look at my CV. The critique is very helpful!

15.07.11 Salary Review Request
Many thanks for your help.  Useful… Your website is very helpful for someone in my position.  Will be recommending to other trainees/NQs.  Particularly like your alternative Career Path, rings true for many friends.

14.07.11 Gold CV Review Service
Thank you for your quick reply, I really appreciate it. Thank you for looking at my CV and letter and letting me have your opinion, it has made me feel positive about my application. I will highly recommend your service to colleagues and friends. You have kept me informed about timescales and have always be prompt with your communication.

15.06.11 – Legal Interview Video Training and Interview Guide for Lawyers – Careers Shop purchase. Thank you for these – I have found them really helpful and informative.

13.12.10 – CV Preparation Client
Thank you very much for a great job with my CV.


Career Coaching

16.09.2020 Zoom Legal Career Coaching Client

Thanks again for your time, I feel more confident and have a lot more ideas on how to improve my applications that I will get working with.

29.03.13 Career Coaching Client
Dear Jonathan. I have finally managed to secure a training contract for September 2014. It has been a long, long road but I have finally got there! I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice along the way which has no doubt assisted me in gaining interviews in the past couple of years.

15.10.12 Ten-Percent Careers Services
Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate you not feeding me a load of b******t as at this time what I wanted was some industry sound advice and thats what you have provided….. I have to say I really appreciate your ‘off the cuff’ approach and sound advice. Money well spent in my view… Many thanks.

25.09.12 Legal Career Coaching Client, London
Thank you very much for all your help. I should have ask for some help from a professional like you well before. I really hope all this hard work will pay off quickly. There are a lot of little things that you can’t invent or know if you are not part of the recruitment world. I am looking forward to your feedback. Thanks again.

22.02.12 Ask a Question Client – Ten-Percent Legal Careers
Dear Jonathan,  Thank you very much for all your help and advice, which I have found extremely useful. Many thanks. Associate Solicitor, London City Firm.

22.02.12 Legal Career Coaching Client – Ten-Percent Legal Career Coaching
Hello Jonathan, It was lovely to meet you yesterday.  I just wanted to thank you for our meeting, which I found very valuable.  I have taken away many ideas and techniques and our meeting has energised my search.

22.02.12 Ask a Question Client – Ten-Percent Legal Careers
Dear Jonathan, it was really nice talking with this morning regarding getting work with a law firm. This is to confirm that I found your advice very useful. I also like the fact that you are very understanding and have genuine desire to really help. Thanks a lot.

27.01.12 Legal Career Coaching Client
Dear Jonathan,  I would sincerely like to thank you for giving over your time to help me make a decision about whether to go forward with my plans.  It was so helpful and I really feel that I have received pearls of wisdom which I otherwise would have not come by.  I wish you much continued success with all your work.

04.01.12 Legal Career Coaching Client (found a training contract – North West)
Thanks for the advice Jonathan, it’s really appreciated. They were really happy with my interview and I definitely put this down to you, I couldn’t have done it without the advice you gave me…  I appreciate that it is your job, but a big thank you from the bottom of my heart all the same, your honesty and ability to challenge is appreciated and valued by me.

04.01.12 Legal Career Coaching Client (www.ten-percent.co.uk/career-coaching)
Dear Jonathan, I really gleaned a lot of invaluable information and insight from the legal career coaching session yesterday. Your advice will undoubtedly doubt pay off both short-term and long-term, in terms of financial and time/trouble savings.

09.12.11 Legal Career Coaching Client (www.ten-percent.co.uk/career-coaching)
Hi Jonathan, I’d like to say again it was a pleasure to meet you today; it’s clear from meeting you that the reason you fell into coaching was an organic talent and interest and I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and instinct.

06.12.11 Legal Careers Workshop Attender
….May I also take this opportunity to thank you for your time; your presentation and workshop were extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend you and your website to others.

02.12.10 – Interview Practice Session Client
Please thank Jonathan on my behalf, he was very helpful, but more than that, I got a job.

12.08.10 – Face to Face Career Coaching Client.
Hi Jonathan – I wanted to email to thank you for your excellent and very constructive advice. I really liked your approach and have and will recommend you to the many slightly dissatisfied lawyers I know who are looking for ideas and suggestions. The market place for lawyers is in my opinion full of misinformation, competition, confusion and discouragement and therefore I would think that there is a clear need for someone like yourself who has market expertise to provide impartial constructive advice on career planning and issues such as this. This would be very hard to obtain from someone who is not themselves experienced and qualified to advise. I have mulled over your suggestions and thoughts and think that you have clearly helped me think about plotting a way forward in the medium term. I look forward to consulting you in future and will be spreading rumours that you are definitely worth making an appointment with. I have a long standing financial adviser who I go back to for advice every year or two so perhaps your role is similar to this. Thanks again and I would be happy to recommend you on linked in etc when I work out the technology!

19.07.10 – Face to Face Career Coaching Client with CV Review, Application Form/Covering Letter Advice, Interview Practice and ongoing Careers Support by Telephone and Email.
Dear Jonathan – I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me over the last few months. I found the service to be very comprehensive and thorough in preparing me for the legal recruitment process. The guidance you gave me on re-writing my CV has been invaluable and has been key in securing interviews. You have also been more than happy to offer ongoing advice whenever I have needed it, when preparing for interviews for example. I feel that all of your inside knowledge on legal recruitment goes far beyond that of any university careers service and I would not hesitate in recommending you to any of my friends and colleagues in the legal field.


2000-2009 Feedback

16.06.09 – CV Preparation. Just to let you know that I’ve been offered a traineeship with … in Edinburgh. I think that having my CV revised professionally was a significant factor in being shortlisted as I was able to copy and paste large blocks of it directly into the application form.
Thanks again for your assistance.

16.06.09 – Career Coaching Client. Dear Jonathan – I underwent career coaching with you last August …thanks for your time – it was exactly what I needed at that time – when I was struggling to see the wood for the trees.

09.03.09 – CV Review Service User. Hi Jonathan, I am working through your comments at the minute. I appreciate the effort that has gone into improving it – the CV is becoming very clear and concise.

09.03.09 – Free Legal Careers Advice provided.  Many thanks indeed for your help. I have researched your excellent and informative website and understand that you would be able to provide some guidance about salaries which would be very helpful indeed.

03.03.09 – Legal Recruitment Newsletter Reader  Nice news letter – pretty well hits the nail on the head in most aspects – Thanks!

31.08.08 Career Coaching Client
Dear Jonathan,
I just wanted to say a quick thank you because I have finally been offered a training contract by Pinsent Masons and I have no doubt that your coaching helped me immensely. It was my first interview since our meeting and I felt that the interview was completely different from any that I had done before because I implemented all of your tips! Thank you very much!

21.11.07 – www.ten-percent.co.uk
Careers Centre User
Dear Mr. Fagan – Unfortunately there are not many people who will advise Law graduates on how to work towards a career or a training contract,  which is what a lot of us need, advice that is. I’ve downloaded your free guide to finding work, training contracts and career advice. It has been very helpful. What is important is that  I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the advice and consideration that you give to struggling law graduates.

17.10.07 – www.ten-percent.co.uk
Solicitor – found new post in the South West.
I would like to thank you so much for all your help.  I would recommend your agency highly and think that you have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  I was also incredibly impressed to read that the firm donates a percentage of their income to charity.

06.10.06 – Application Form, CV & Covering Letter Review customer.
Dear Jonathan, once again thank you for the service you provide and the assistance you have given.  I shall indeed recommend you to friends. Regards, J.

04.10.06 – www.jonathanfagan.co.uk
Solicitor – found new post in Greater London – wills & probate.
Hi – I started in May and I’m very pleased with the move. The working culture is miles away from [my last firm]. The location is great and the journey time gives me another three hours a week to myself. I like the smaller office… [I’m] not just a faceless name at another office…I can’t see myself moving on again for at least another seven years! So just wanted to say thanks for the great service, I’d certainly recommend you to others.

19.05.06 – CV Review customer
Thank you for your helpful advice – I would like you to review my cv once again when I have made some amendments.

10.05.06 – Bookshop customer.
Jonathan – I have read through your CV Guide and there were so many useful hints! Thank you so much!

31.10.05 – www.ten-percent.co.uk
Solicitor – found new post in Sussex – conveyancing.
Many thanks for all your help and hard work with the vacancies you have found for me. I have been really impressed with your approach and I will not hesitate to recommend you to any friends and colleagues.

27.10.05 – www.ten-percent.co.uk and www.crime-solicitor.co.uk
Solicitor – found new post in North London – crime.
Good morning, Mr G has offered me a post at the firm. He told me that he would confirm it to you as well, in writing. The package is very good compared to my current one. I have accepted the offer and am due to start in November 2005 … I am very grateful to you for all your help. Many thanks indeed.

08.09.05 – www.ten-percent.co.uk
Solicitor – found new post in the Midlands – conveyancing.
Thank you for your help, I am awaiting the formal offer letter in the post. I agree that this is a rare opportunity at what appears a friendly firm. Subject to the written offer it is looking very promising. Thank you for your help.

14.07.05 – Complete Guide to Interviews for Lawyers reader.
…I [opened] the book and just could not take myself away from it until after reading through to the last page. Thank you so much. The book will make every difference…. Thanks again and best wishes. I can now face my training contract search with greater confidence.

07.07.05 – www.ten-percent.co.uk
Conveyancing Solicitor – found new post in Cheshire.
Thank you for all your help – I will certainly recommend your services to any friends or colleagues should they require it.

30.06.05 – Career Consultation – Portuguese law graduate considering legal career in London.
I found your report and guide extremely helpful and will follow your tips and advice in my job search. I have prepared lists of firms and researched each of them individually. Thank you very much.

29.06.05 – Career Consultation – executive looking to return to the legal profession, Home Counties.
Dear Jonathan

I just wanted to let you know that I have an interview on Friday at the law firm I mentioned to you the other day. I sent him my CV after you sent it back to me and he offered me an interview. Quite nervous as it’s my first legal interview in years but whatever happens it’ll be good experience for me in any case! Thanks for your help and advice – I’ll let you know how it goes!

19.04.05 – CV Review Service – senior commercial solicitor, London.
Thank you for your assistance. I am getting plenty of positive responses to the amended CV.

20.12.04 – CV Preparation – Telephone Service – non-qualified lawyer, Home Counties.
Jonathan. Thank you , the CV looks great so very happy to go with that. Thanks for the advice and I will definitely be in touch if I need any further help. Have a good Xmas and New Year.

02.12.04 – Careers Consultation – non-qualified lawyer, Cumbria.
Great to hear from you. I enjoyed our meeting very much. Anyway thanks for all the work you’ve done on my CV as you’re quite right – it certainly did need major revision. I can certainly fill in the remaining gaps. Bit of an update: I have, as you suggested, spoken again to XXX – and they’re still keen on me going there to do work experience, with a view to possible paid work if we are both happy with my performance. Based on what you told me I did suggest to her that I come down to XXX sooner rather than later – and she agreed. So that’s all looking positive – will keep you posted.. Take care and thank you once again – it’s great to be encouraged like that and …I really did enjoy our conversation. You clearly have an encyclopedic inside-knowledge of legal recruitment issues and yet I also found you to be friendly, approachable and full of useful, practical ideas.

27.10.04 – www.ten-percent.co.uk Solicitor – found new crime post, Surrey.  What can I say – the location of the firm is ideal …  and I am delighted to have been offered a position as a solicitor [with a 30%] increase in salary. I was very impressed with the senior partner, his ethos and vision for [new firm] Solicitors. Anyway, enough of that – I just want to thank you for all your assistance and everything you have done to help me.  I have no doubt that some of my colleagues and friends will be contacting you themselves….

14.10.04 – www.ten-percent.co.uk Legal Executive – found new conveyancing post, Dorset. This is a long time in coming, but finally I have had a chance to thank you for your efforts and help during the time I was looking for new employment.  A big thank you too for your help in the final stages of being offered the job with XXXX. I understand all references have been obtained and I have returned the final draft of my Contract of Employment.  So all paperwork appears complete. I am really excited and looking forward to starting, coupled with the normal nerves that go along with being the ‘new girl’. Once again Jonathan, thank you so much for doing a great job!

01.10.04 – CV Advice Service user.
Thank you so much for your invaluable advice once again! I did use the service two years ago as well, whilst I was looking a training contract, and after my CV was revamped, every time I sent in my CV I was invited for interview! Thank you very much for your comments.

29.09.04 – www.crime-solicitor.co.uk Solicitor – found new Crime post, London.    Thank you for your assistance – I am really impressed by the number of interviews you have arranged in such a short space of time.

12.08.04 – Complete Guide to Interviews for Lawyers Book purchaser.   I cannot thank you enough for sending the book, it’s a great help. Pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.

12.08.04 – www.jonathanfagan.co.uk Solicitor – found new Conveyancing post, Portsmouth. Thanks for all of your help Jonathan. You have been fantastic. I will recommend you to all of my colleagues and friends in the law.

30.07.04 – www.jonathanfagan.co.uk Senior Partner, recruiting through the website on the South Coast.  “…..you are by far the best consultant I have had dealings with. You give me honest, no-nonsense advice and do not talk in the strange recruitment consultant language.”

24.06.04 – Personal Injury Executive found new position (Kent)  Thank you for your assistance in this matter. It is greatly appreciated.

20.06.04 – Careers Advice enquiry  Dear Ten-Percent I just wanted to let you know that XXX offered me the training contract! It is to begin this summer. I am absolutely delighted! Thank you so much for your advice on Monday, and the interview book. I found all your tips very helpful. Thank you again.

09.06.04 – Family Solicitor found new position (West Yorkshire) Hi, thankyou for putting the interview in place and assisting me in finding the position, kind regards.

20.05.04 – Wills & Probate Solicitor found new position (Hertfordshire) I was extremely impressed with the firm and enjoyed meeting both [the partner] and his assistant. I would like to accept the position and will contact [the partner] personally to confirm. I would however like to inform the Partners in my current firm prior to any requests for references being sent. Thank you for all of your excellent work. I didnt realise it would be this easy to find the Firm I wanted!

14.05.04 – CV Preparation (Telephone) service user. I am emailing because I had a CV prepared by yourself about 18 months ago. This CV is fantastic. I am really interested to find out if you do the same sort of service on covering letters.

10.05.04 – Family Solicitor service user. Thank you very much for your help with my jobsearch. I did contact another couple of agents but after the initial interest I never heard from them again, you were always in touch. I have recommended you to a friend of mine who has recently left XXX. Many thanks once again.

19.04.04 – Conveyancing Executive found new position (Portsmouth)  Thanks for your help.

06.04.04 – Family Solicitor found new position (Bedfordshire)  Yes I have accepted the position, salary at £XX. As you say, it should be a good opportunity to progress quickly! Thanks for all your help

29.03.04 – Conveyancing Solicitor found new position (North London)  Thank you very much for your kind assistance throughout.

02.02.04 – Crime Solicitor found new position (North London)  May I congratulate you for a job well done. Out of all the firms I’ve been to,I am very impressed with XX . I had my second interview with all the partners and was offered a position, which I have accepted. It was a very informal interview and I felt very much at ease. I could see myself growing with XX for years to come if everything goes well.

18.07.03 – Solicitor found new position (Leeds)  As for your service I cannot thank you enough. You have been nothing short of perfect! You have made a fairly stressful situation effortless for me and I thank you for that. I wish you and your company all the best for the future. Best wishes.

04.07.03 – Solicitor Service User  You are a star! You are the only active agent that I am in touch with. Nobody seems to be able to target 10-20 firm practices in London but you are coming up trumps – I’m really chuffed.

23.06.03 – Solicitor Service User  I wish to thank you especially for your help and advice over the last couple of months.  The quality of your service has been excellent and I would recommend you personally to colleagues (as well as to myself) throughout my career.

12.05.03 – CV Preparation (Bronze) User  Thank you very much for the draft of my CV. You have given me a lot to think about. I am currently revising for my finals and trying to find an afternoon to fit in CV preparation is proving tricky! I hope that it will be alright if I send you a revised edition to look at in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

03.04.03 – Training Contract Application Form Service User  Thank you very much for looking at my revised answers.  As always your comments are most appreciated; to have you checking my answers before submitting them allow me to concentrate on giving the best answers and not the possible grammatical mistakes or even the appropriateness of the answers.  You helped boost my confidence.

24.02.03 – Solicitor – found new position (Leeds – crime)  Many thanks for your efforts. One point that may be of interest to you is that I was contacted yesterday by a recruitment agency called [ ]. They asked me if I would like to be put forward for [the firm just accepted a position with]. I have not replied……this is the first lead I have had from them in about 3 months. Again, I will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends or colleagues. All the very best.

23.02.03 – Solicitor – found position and used our service   ….notwithstanding the fact that I went for the other agency’s option I would still rate you very highly and a recommendation is assured!…..

08.01.03 – Senior Solicitor – found new position (London – property)  Dear Jonathan I wish to express my sincere thanks for all your help and advice in my recent search for a new property solicitor position. I was uncertain initially about sending my details to a recruitment agency in view of the mixed reports I received from other solicitors who had used recruitment consultants in the past but I was extremely pleased and grateful with the time and attention you gave to my application and was most impressed with the speed and efficiency with which you handled my enquiries. It was also a great relief to be able to speak to you at length about the various offers I received and I was also very happy with the way you handled the salary negotiations with the parties. I have recommended you to my work colleagues and will not hesitate to recommend you to other solicitors who I know are looking to move within the profession.

Many thanks again! Kind regards and best wishes.

30.11.02 – Solicitor – found position and used our service (conveyancing – London)  Thank you [ten-percent], I have appreciated all your help, I am sure I will have to call on you some day again, and will also be recommending you. Thanks again

03.10.02 – Service User  Many thanks for your informative email. I have just accepted a job offer from a firm of solicitors to work as an employed barrister. I must tell you that your website is excellent. It is clearly the best out of all the legal websites I’ve visited (and I’ve seen a lot!). I will recommend that my new firm use your services.

29.09.02 – CV Preparation User  I have just received my CV- thanks so much…..[discussion re file sent]…finally thanks again for the advice and help with CV. Wish me luck.

27.09.02 – Job Creation Scheme Candidate They called yesterday and I’m starting on Monday. Thanks ever so much for your help.

18.09.02 – CV Preparation User  Dear [10%] Thank you for the first draft of my CV and your positive comments, unfortunately advice from the [LPC provider] careers service virtually reduced me to tears and I haven’t applied for anything except secretarial work since – so, I take your comments at face value and it has boosted my confidence to at least start submitting my CV again!

13.09.02 – Solicitor – found new position (conveyancing and private client – Manchester )  Thank you once again for all your efforts in helping me find a position according to my requirements.  Having had a brief taste of a few of the other legal agencies, I must add that ten percent is by far the best.

12.09.02 – Senior Solicitor – found new position (crime – London)  Yes it’s all happening, on Monday week. I will discuss your ten percent donation to charity with [the partners], and personally would like to see it go to a third world cause…. I take this opportunity to thank you again for making the connections in what will be I feel a life enhancing move not only for me but hopefully for everyone at [the firm].

24.06.02 – CV Preparation  User  Thank you ever so much for all your comments and advice. I shall let you know if I am success in securing a training contract. Thank you once again – I shall definitely recommend this service.

25.05.02 – Solicitor – found new position (commercial property – North East) So far so good at [the new firm]! They have been easing me in gently this past week….. everyone seems really friendly, and they are making efforts to ensure that I’m ok, so yes, I’m very pleased! Thank you very much for all your help, I will certainly be returning to you for any future recruitment requirements!”

17.03.02 – free careers advice user. You have been most helpful. Thank you

15.3.02 – Solicitor – found new position (crime – Sheffield) I have been very happy with the way you have dealt with my situation. I could not have hoped for a more flexible potential employer. Replies were prompt, which always helps, even when you could not access your e-mail. The only suggestion I would have [this relates to us not explaining to the firm and candidate that we do not mind communications between the two once we have introduced a candidate]….I presumed you were the same [as other recruitment consultants]. I know [the firm] was similarly a little unsure. A detail however in the great scheme of things!

6.03.02 – Solicitor – found new position (crime- London) Thanks for all your help.

11.02.02 – Careers Advice Given Thank you for your honest words of encouragement.  Your advice has been very useful.

11.12.01 – CV Advice Standard User.  Many thanks for your very helpful advice which I have considered and will use in updating my CV. I shall certainly recommend your service to other students. Once again many thanks.

14.10.01 – CV Advice Express User. Thanks very much for the CV advice, it really was helpful. I have always figured there would be some cultural differences between US and UK CVs, so it was good to see what those might be. Thanks again for providing the service.

12.10.01 – Senior Partner of small City firm (placed commercial litigation  solicitor) …Thanks for your assistance…

4.10.01 – CV Advice Express User – barrister making pupilage applications. Thank you for all your splendid help and advice. My applications have been sent off and will most gladly inform you if I am successful.

26.09.01 – NQ Solicitor – found new position – but firm too slow in making offer (Leeds).  Thank you so much for your hard work and for keeping me informed at each stage of the “job search”. I do appreciate it.

9.9.01 – Senior Solicitor (20 yrs PQE) – found new position (London) Many thanks… you have been marvellous; persistent, generous, humorous, knowledgeable and caring. Best wishes.

7.9.01 – NQ Solicitor – found new position (London) I thank you for your kind assistance in this matter and excellent service provided. I will inform my friends looking for newly qualified positions of your services.

30.08.01 – Solicitor – found new position (1 year PQE) (Lake District) I thought your service was excellent….none of the usual verbosity or c**p you get from recruitment agencies……you had the contacts, set me up with interviews…..contacted me by email when necessary….thank you for your help.

28.08.01 – CV preparation service user Many thanks for the CV, it has been very helpful. I will send the CV back to you when I have made the suggested changes.

22.08.01 – Solicitor Service User (Cambs) I have found a job through a different source. Thank you for your assistance. I found your website very user friendly.

11.07.01 – Managing Partner of Midlands firm. Thank you for your help. Your service is simple and easy to use and offers sensible value for money. I would have no hesitation in using you again or in recommending you to others. Long may you prosper.

6.8.01 – Solicitor – found new position (8 years PQE) (Lancashire) Thank you very much for your assistance, it is much appreciated….very impressed with your service….very good.

18.07.01 – NQ/Trainee Solicitor – found new position. (West Midlands) I would like to thank ten-percent for helping me with my job-hunting. I have been successfully matched with a firm that matches my aspirations and business style. My only suggestion is that ten-percent could set up a ‘dealroom’, where terms by way of a check list could be used to agree contracts quickly between candidate and employer. And Negotiation advice to candidates would be useful. I would certainly recommend the services of ten-percent to a friend. I would like to nominate a local childrens charity in the village I live. I will ask the chairman for their details and forward them onto you shortly. Many thanks for your assistance and wishing you continuing success.

8.7.01 – Solicitor – service user. Ten-percent.co.uk – I am very impressed with your informative and innovative website – it is the most user-friendly I have seen so far!

5.7.01 – Solicitor – found new position. (2 years PQE) (Notts) I came to ten-percent.co.uk with a view to moving into another area of law thinking it would be nigh on impossible to do. Not only did you find me locum work within days of receiving my C.V. but you also found me a unique position as a solicitor in area of law I would never have envisaged! Thank you for your attentiveness to my requirements, your responsiveness and for not telling me I didn’t have a chance!

24.6.01 – Solicitor – found new position. (3 years PQE)  Thank you so much for all your hard work and your attentiveness to what I wanted! I really appreciate it and will have no hesitation in recommending your services.

8.6.01 – Legal Executive using jobfinder service. 1st comment: I e-mailed my CV to you last week, and you returned to me confirming that you will let me have details of the above position over the bank holiday weekend. I am disappointed that I have received no information to date. Even if the position had been filled by now, I would have expected the courtesy of a response.

2nd comment: I am grateful for your apology. It is quite refreshing that a recruitment agency accepts that they might just have been wrong… I would return to your web-site [if needed to find work in the future].

5.6.01 – Solicitor – found new position. (23yrs PQE) I’ll start work Friday. thank you for your assistance.it was exactly the job i am qualified for and in which I have 17 years experience. I must give you a compliment for your perfect job.

1.5.01 – Solicitor – found new position. (2yrs PQE) Thanks for your assistance. I will recommend that [a colleague] contact you for help when she is looking to move. Thanks once again.

J – 8.2.01 (Accredited Police Station Rep – found new job) Just a quick note to say thanks for your help with my job-hunting. I am only 4 days into my new job but am really settled and happy here.  They are giving me the responsibility I think I deserve and I have already been given several interesting cases. Keep up the good work for others!

J – 6.2.01 (Solicitor 18 months PQE – new job in City) ….Easy to chat with….,…always returned calls…did not sit on CV…..very helpful….thanks for assistance.

C – 25.01.01 (CV preparation service user) Thank you for all of your help, the CV and advice was great

D – 19.8.00 (observer!) Dear ten per cent…….. I just wanted to let you know its 11.36pm on a Saturday night – sad though it may be that I’m trawling the internet to find a training
contract in law….I’ve just discovered your website and I’m extremely impressed…….

Do you realise that you are the ONE site that lists really useful information for a wannabe solicitor and that your the only site that offers any real guidance on preparing for an interview………

Thank you for taking the time to help people like me…….

M – 20.12.00 (solicitor found new job) I couldn’t have wished for a better firm. Good working atmosphere, they seem to treat the staff well (best Christmas bash I have ever been to and a case of wine as x-mas present for all staff). Lots of work. Really landed on my feet. Thanks.

R – 21.12.00 (CV service user) Happy Christmas to all your staff at ten-percent and I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support that you have provided me.

M – 7.9.00 (candidate and CV service user) I am currently looking for employment in a general practice firm ideally a training contract but paralegal work will suffice for now. I obtained
your website from Delia Venables law pages and I have found it most useful. I am sending you my CV in the post for you to look at. Thank you for providing this service and congratulations on a excellent website.

M – 21.11.00 (CV service user) Thank you very much for your help

C – 27.11.00 (CV service user and candidate) Many thanks for your helpful response.  It has given
me lots to think about!

M – 11.12.00 (solicitor and CV preparation service user) I am very grateful to you for your assistance in preparing the CV and I will of course follow the suggestions you have made. I am happy to make those adjustments myself and I hope this assists you to get through your work and avoid another weekend working. Thank you again for your help.

J – 14.12.00 (barrister and CV service user) Thanks a lot your suggestions have been very helpful.
I shall take heed of your advice.