Ten Percent Legal Recruitment

Our Fees

As a legal recruitment agency we are unique in our approach. We try to be as open about everything we do as possible and this includes our fee structure. Our fees are transparent and we offer a variety of recruitment solutions.

When you recruit through us there are three options as follows:

1. Permanent Recruitment

18% fees based on the first year salary or package. Pay monthly over 12 months with a 12 month rebate period. Click here to register a vacancy.

2. Locum Recruitment

18% fees invoiced monthly. Click here to register an assignment.

3. Unlimited Legal Recruitment

For a fixed monthly price, you can recruit as many solicitors as you require. 3 or 5 year terms available. Details can be found at www.tenpercentunlimited.co.uk.

Other Ten Percent Group Services

Law Firm Sales

We charge a fixed fee, agreed in advance, to the buyer of a law firm. No other fees are payable by any party. Fees vary according to the size and the anticipated complexity of the sale. Information and sale lists are available on our sister site, www.jonathanfagan.co.uk

Retained Consultancy

Instruct us as a sole supplier for 4 weeks. We can pre-interview candidates, run an assessment exercise, commission your advertising, handle all enquiries, prepare and sift through application forms and negotiate any offers. Quotations available on request via email to cv@ten-percent.co.uk.

Careers Services

We offer a range of services to lawyers and potential lawyers – full information on prices can be found at our online shop here – https://www.ten-percent.uk

Agency Fees – Comparison

How do we compare with other agencies? Read an article on fees charged by legal recruitment consultants in the UK here:

Most employment agencies will not publish their fee structure and are usually reluctant to release the information generally. We understand that the Venn Group charge 30% fees for locum assignments and we imagine a lot of the other larger sized companies are at a similar level. Randstad charge 25% for placements over £40,000 salary. Generally we think the larger agencies tend to be around 25% and upwards for all aspects of recruitment, with the smaller recruiters offering anything from 25% down to 20%. Whether or not a recruitment agency will be successful in finding staff is another matter entirely…

Why are you called Ten Percent?

Having read the above you may be wondering, quite rightly, why we are called Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment if we charge 18% fees generally. Good question! We are called Ten Percent because we donate 10% of our profits to charity every year. Further details can be found at www.ten-percent.co.uk/charitable-trust.

Terms and Conditions

To request a copy of our terms and conditions for each option please email cv@ten-percent.co.uk

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