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It’s fair to say if you posed the question, “where in the word would you most like to live” to a random member of the public, they would probably not, enthusiastically reply, “COLCHESTER”!!!! This is a little unfair, because although Colchester may not be as exotic as the Virgin Islands, Hawaii or the Florida Keys, it is very pleasant and steeped in history. According to many academics, it is the oldest town in Britain and many many years ago was the Roman capital of Britain.  It’s commuting distance to London, has a picturesque river running through it and was once home to the lead singer of Blur, Damon Albarn.

As Colchester is one of the most famous historic towns in the UK, it unsurprisingly boasts an impressive range of castles, museums, landmarks and parks. Colchester Castle is home to the Castle Museum which extensively details the impact of the Romans on the region, whilst the Hollytree’s museum is renowned for its unique collection of children’s exhibits.  If you’re a lover of the outdoors, the Gosbecks Archaeological Park features a magnificent Roman theatre and beautifully preserved grounds and is nearby to a Roman Fort and Iron Age fortress which really reinforces the historical richness of the town. Since opening in 1972, the Mercury Theatre endures as one of the finest repertory theatres in the UK, whilst the annual Colchester Film Festival is rightly acknowledged as showcasing some of the most interesting and innovative works from emerging new talent.

Given it celebrated status, its unsurprising that Colchester provides a range of very satisfying shopping experiences. The Lion Walk Shopping Centre features all of the retailers and brands you’d expect from a contemporary shopping plaza, with the slightly smaller and less frantic Culver Square giving it a good run for its money. If you fancy a quick journey outside of the town, the Clacton Factory Outlet features an impressive assortment of iconic and much sought after fashion brands, home wares, camping gear, furniture, footwear and jewellery at rock bottom prices. Similarly, the Tollgate centre also a short distance away, has an impressive array of shops, an excellent collection of eating and drinking options, as well as a regularly visiting and celebrated street food market which serves up delicious, memorable and exotic flavours from all around the world.

According to a recent article in The Guardian Life and Style Guide, Colchester is one of the most undervalued towns in the UK. Indeed it is difficult to imagine why the place isn’t more popular with its towering cathedral, ample history, culture and heritage, close proximity to dramatic rolling hills and delightful countryside and a superb range of housing options to suit buyers with many different budgets and housing needs. The most affordable area is New Town, in which it is still possible to find a Victorian Town House for less than £250,000, whilst the most sought after area is arguably, Lexden, which is full of attractive period houses.  Colchester also boasts a superb collection of schools including Prettygate, the Colchester County High School for Girls and Colchester Grammar, which were recently awarded an outstanding status from Ofsted.

If you’re a sports and leisure lover, Colchester offers a range of sports and athletics facilities, including, Colchester Leisure world and the Garrison Athletics Stadium.  Football fans may enjoy Colchester United and Colchester United Ladies, whilst cricket enthusiasts are sure to be impressed by Essex County Cricket Club, who play their homes games at Castle Park Cricket ground. The town is also home to Colchester Rugby Club, the Colchester Gladiators American Football club and a world famous weight lifting association.

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