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Legal Recruitment from £60 a month

“Ten-Percent’s new scheme is a ‘must have’ for an expanding firm, introducing a steady stream of high quality applicants at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment processes and, as importantly, the cost is spread…. so frankly, it becomes a “no brainer” to use it”. Senior Partner, Kent firm.

“Ten-Percent offers excellent value for money” – Senior Partner, SW London firm.

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Ten-Percent Unlimited Legal Recruitment is the UK’s first all-in-one legal recruitment agency, CV bank and legal job board service.

Enjoy unlimited recruitment for 5 years.



Clients must sign up before any recruitment occurs.

Recruitment Services – Conventional Legal Recruitment Agency Services.

Full Access to the Ten-Percent Candidate Database.

Full Access to www.ChanceryLane.co.uk worth over £2,000 – job posting and CV bank.

Discounted Law Society Gazette advertising.

Unlimited Recruitment.

Job Board Posting – wide range of legal and general job boards.

Our service is ideally suited to cover your legal recruitment needs across your firm or organisation and create a long lasting relationship with you,

  • saving you huge sums of money in agency fees,
  • reducing the time your firm spends on recruitment, and
  • cutting the cost of recruitment advertising.

We have produced a service so cost-effective that every law firm in the UK can sign up, slash their recruitment costs and never pay agency fees again.

  • How much would you pay for:
    • Job Board posting.
    • Access to CV banks of recruitment agency and job sites.
    • Discounted advertising in the Law Society Gazette.
    • Full Recruitment Agency services, including handling candidate queries, preparing shortlists, sifting inappropriate applications.
    • Negotiating discounts on advertising.
    • Assisting with any possible mergers, solicitors with following, partnership moves.
    • Arranging Locum Cover.
    • Unlimited job advertising online across a range of job boards.

If we gave you a figure to contemplate, what do you think it would be? For five years – £25,000 perhaps?   Would any recruitment agencies be prepared to offer you unlimited recruitment for this length of time? We doubt it.

Would anyone be prepared to offer you the service from £60 a month?

Ten-Percent has been at the forefront of change in the recruitment industry since April 2000, being the first to pledge 10% of annual profits to charity .

From just £60 (+VAT) per month we can provide your firm with full recruitment services, including both permanent and temporary recruitment. We will also give you full access to our 10,500 solicitor and legal executive candidate database, a range of job boards including www.ChanceryLane.co.uk. CV banks, vacancy advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition, we will give every member access to discounted advertising in the Law Society Gazette.


Q: Surely there must be a catch?
A: No. You do not need rebate periods because if a candidate leaves you simply recruit another one. All recruitment is completely free of charge during your membership and there are no other costs.

Q: What if we can’t recruit?
A:  We have a bank of good quality candidates to cover mainstream and specialist vacancies at all levels. Furthermore, we tend to pick up more unusual candidates than other legal recruitment agencies, some with following, others with marketing and network proposals. However successful recruitment is impossible to guarantee.

Q: Are we tied to you?
A: No. If you want to use another recruitment agency to assist with a vacancy during the next five years or advertise your own posts, please feel free. Remember that most of the time the work that agency does will be same as the work we can do from just £60 per month.

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