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As legal recruiters for solicitors looking for legal jobs in the UK, we are in a unique position often to be able to assist law students and graduates with careers advice and coaching. Our careers centre can be found by clicking here. Finding legal work experience is very difficult for everyone concerned. There is a glut of people who have not got training contracts, and are struggling to break into the legal profession. We are the same as every other recruitment agency out there – we cannot help law students or graduates get a training contract or vacation placement. You must contact firms directly. Please do not call us to find out. Some people are offended by our fairly short and swift answer…..

However, every now and then, a firm will contact us in passing, and ask if we know of anyone who wants work experience or a few days work in their firm to help out. The idea of this service is that we maintain a database of potential workers who may be interested, who we can contact to inform of this. We will also use the database to send through details of anything else we may think is of interest, whether it be legal recruitment articles, or even legal recruitment services when you qualify in a few years time! Last time we ran a similar service, two people found training contracts as a direct result of the posts we were passed through details of by the firms.

Legal Work Experience Scheme for non-qualified lawyers

Our Legal Work Experience Scheme works as follows:

1. Fill out our online form by clicking here.

Please note: no other method of communication will be accepted. We do not take telephone calls or emails about the Legal Work Experience Scheme. CVs sent ad hoc will be deleted and not read.

2. We keep your details on our databases, and from time to time when firms request assistance from law graduates, students or paralegals we send an email with the details to all the registered job searchers in the database.

3. The service is free. The only catch is that you have to agree to us using your personal data to update you with any news or information about our recruitment services in years to come.