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Further Information

What’s the catch?

The catch is membership of Ten-Percent, costing from £60 per month and fixed for five years.

Why do you charge so much? and Why should we pay you just to send a few CVs and make a telephone call or two?

Some general facts regarding the recruitment process:

  • A job interview only occurs once each time 20 CVs are sent out.
  • For every 7 interviews arranged, only 1 results in a job offer.
  • 33% of candidates reject job offers.
  • 5% of candidates leave within a week or fail to start.
  • We spend about 10 hours a week on the telephone giving free careers advice to candidates and advising on appropriate vacancies.

So whilst the work done in sending one CV to an employer is fairly quick, we have had to a fair amount of work before we even get to the point of sending a CV. We rarely have a placement where the only thing we have done is receive a CV in relation to an advertised post and send it out to a firm.

I am a sole practitioner. Why should I pay from just £60 a month when I might only recruit one candidate in five years and you cannot guarantee success?

No recruitment process can possibly guarantee to find candidates every time you recruit. Success is not guaranteed. However, because our service encompasses job boards, a CV database, our own website and discounted Law Society Gazette advertising if needed, we have created a full recruitment service for a fraction of the usual cost. You may only use the service once in 2016, but come back in three years to get a locum for 2 weeks, a legal secretary and another solicitor and you save a substantial amount of money.

We do not mind whether you join as members from £60 per month or use our one-off recruitment consultancy services. You can choose.

What do you charge for candidates on top of the membership fees and do we get exclusive access to candidates who apply for our jobs?

There are no charges. The only cost is the membership fee. We send over full CVs to members with contact information included so you can either communicate directly or via ourselves.

How does the membership system work?

The system works as follows:

• You register a vacancy with us.
• We send the vacancy to all relevant candidates on our database. They respond.
• We forward suitable CVs to you.
• At the same time we post your vacancy across a number of job sites and websites.
• All the applications that loosely fit the job specification are forwarded through to you.
• We handle the job vacancy enquiries, we arrange interviews and assist with negotiations and job offers.
• You can also search our Candidate Database and request specific CVs.

In essence you get Recruitment Consultancy + Job Board Services for considerably less than the cost of each service.

Don’t believe us? Contact recruitment agencies and see how much they charge. Give legal job boards a ring and ask how much you would pay to access their CV database and post your vacancy.

How much do you charge for locums?

Nothing. Not a penny. It is included in the price. Of course you still have to pay the locum (we will negotiate the rate for you), but there is no recruitment fee charged on top of this. We can assist with locum assignments without you needing to join – for details please visit www.interimlawyers.co.uk

We took a candidate last year on a contingency fee from another agency and it cost us about £6,500 plus VAT. We are not even sure we will keep them on the books for very long.

This is precisely the problem we have developed our membership service to avoid. If a candidate leaves, you simply recruit another one at no extra cost.

We don’t want to commit for five years. It seems a very long time.

In order to offer recruitment at this low price, we need commitment from our clients. You can still opt to use our one-off services in any event and not join.

How do we sign up?

Please visit www.tenpercentunlimited.co.uk