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Where should I do my Legal Practice Course?

Every year we get asked this question by lots of different students wondering whether they should go to the College of Law or complete their LPC (Legal Practice Course) with another provider.  We think that unless you have an outstanding academic background and it is looking as if you will be heading for a large city law firm you will be best suited taking the Legal Practice Course with the cheapest provider.

I do not know anyone who has had their career prospects altered for the good by going to the College of Law or one of the more expensive providers.  Please tell me if you hear otherwise! There seems to be no difference in terms of career prospects between any of the providers.  The only difference is likely to be in the electives you are able to take as the larger providers are more likely to have more commercial options than the smaller providers.

There are also more extra-curricular activities at the bigger providers such as The College of Law and this may be a factor to take into account. However when it comes down to cost and determining future career options we do not think there is much in any of the providers and it is immaterial whether you make a decision to go for an expensive or inexpensive option. For most lawyers in the profession the Legal Practice Course is simply a rather expensive hoop you have to jump through on your way to qualification.

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Jonathan Fagan

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