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What do my South African qualifications count for in the UK? I am a South African qualified lawyer.

If you are a South African qualified lawyer who has decided to come to the UK to experience our high quality weather, our stable political system and our well functioning courts, congratulations! You may have spent 20 years practising in a good quality South African law firm undertaking high quality legal cases and you may…

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Ask a Recruitment Consultant – questions to our Chatbot

Ask a Recruitment Consultant – questions this month on our chat bot Questions sent to us via our new Chat service online, together with general career questions emailed across. We do our best to answer all queries, sometimes after a fairly lengthy delay if we are busy! Do you think it is still worth becoming…

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In House Legal – is the grass greener on the other side?

For our full advice on in house legal jobs and moving in house from private practice (and vice versa) please visit our In House page by clicking https://ten-percent.co.uk/in-house-lawyers/ The advice sheet includes the following: How easy is it to move from a solicitors’ firm to an in house legal department? Can anyone do it? Is…

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Returning to work after a break – steps to improve your CV, prospects and chances of success

Very recently, a candidate got in touch about a vacancy, explaining quite apologetically that she was returning to work after a break and could she be considered for the post. As a recruiter, I have to be honest and say that whenever anybody tells me they are returning to work I almost involuntarily sigh because…

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How to Convert Australian degrees into UK degrees and vice versa

Converting Australian degree grades into UK degree grades and vice versa. Converting UK degree classifications into Australian degrees and vice versa is not straightforward. Firstly Australian degrees are not split into 2.1 or upper second class degrees and 2.2 or lower second class degree levels. Australian students and graduates tend to be quite surprised when…

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Relocating in the UK and overseas

Not so long ago, we recruited for a firm looking for a candidate to work in Bermuda. Within one week of a Law Society Gazette advertisement, we received 75 applications, all from conveyancing solicitors. Normally when advertising in the Gazette we receive 2-3 enquiries from each advertisement, so this was quite a shock! Relocating abroad…

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