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Negotiating for the sake of negotiating – the risks of haggling on salary during the job offer process

A couple of job offers recently have ended up in a stalemate situation between the employers and the employees. The employees have asked for a higher salary and the employers have taken umbrage at the fact the employees have asked the question. Here are our top 10 pieces of advice when considering negotiating on salary…

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Don't reject candidates before you get an acceptance
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Don’t tell candidates they have been rejected until you are absolutely sure that you don’t want them.

We recently had an instance where a solicitors firm interviewed three or four different solicitors for a role, which was relatively well paid and required a particular level of expertise. The partners saw four candidates at interview and made a decision after the interviews to recruit one of these. They immediately emailed the unsuccessful candidates…

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Making Low Job Offers

Some firms seem very pleased at times when a candidate accepts an offer that is considerably below the market rate but we think this is a false economy. I can think of two firms in recent times who have been aware of a candidate’s limited geographical search area, or perhaps their requirement for supervision for…

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