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Interview Question and Answer 41 – Do You Enjoy Travelling?


This is a loaded question. It has hidden connotations and can trap the unwary. You need to think very carefully as you answer this question what any interviewer may be thinking of answers you choose to give. The problem with saying that you do enjoy travelling if the post you are going for is a static one is that the firm or company may suspect you have other ambitions lying outside their business. If the post in question involves travelling then obviously your answer would be considerably different. Do not think about this from a person angle but instead from an employer’s angle and work perspective. It is a common mistake that can occur round the interview questions where interviewees are unable to distinguish between questions linked to themselves but impact on a work type scenario.

Examples of Answers

“Yes. As part of my job I am very happy to travel and like the whole concept. I have been travelling in my job for the past 10 years and certainly have no problems either commuting into work or travelling around the world as necessary”.


“Yes. I am always happy to travel as part of my job and have travelled in the past both in my work life and my personal life”.


“Travelling is something I have always enjoyed and I like going to new places and exploring the world when I am on annual leave.”

Jonathan Fagan

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