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Legal Job Interview Question and Answer – are you satisfied with your academic achievements to date?


This question is often asked where an interviewer has identified that you have a specific weak point on your CV, for example you have a low grade at A Level or have a Third Class Degree. The question is designed to pick you up on whether you respond negatively or positively to this question. If you have a weak point on your CV then it is almost certainly that it will be what the interviewer is aiming at. They are most likely to be waiting to see whether or not you defend your achievements or you state that you have failed in some way. A better way of approaching the answer if you do have any such issues is to move away from the question completely and try to get the topic of conversation onto something different. An example of how to do this is given below.

If your academic achievements are consistently good then there is nothing to stop you saying that you are satisfied with them but that there is always room for improvement in everything that you do, although you do not strive for perfection you do always try to look at improving yourself and your skills.

Examples of Answers

“My academic record is something I have never been particularly satisfied with. However my career started in 1994 and I have always given my best to everything I have done and I am fully satisfied with it. I am very proud of my achievements to date, particularly those where I have identified and saved my employers considerable sums of money through the introduction of new processes such as x.”


“Yes. My academic record reflects the work I put in at the time and on the whole I am very pleased with my achievements. You can see from my CV that I have attained a 2:1 in law from a good university and have good A Levels. These are achievements I am particularly proud of.”.


“No. My academic achievements could have been much better and ever since my early years I have always strived to improve my position, both at work and in play. I always aim for the highest level I can, whether this is in quality of my work or in attainment of a particular level. You can see from my CV that since 1996 I have always achieved what I set out to do.”

(You will note from the above examples that the answers do not include the issue that the interviewer may be trying to get at, for example a poor GCSE or A Level grade of a general lack of education).

Jonathan Fagan

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